Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh No, it's the Avant Garde!

With all the threats David Walsh has been making about how shocking the MONA experience will better be bloody shocking
If there isn't a depiction of a masturbating Mary Mackillop fashioned out of dried wombat CUM and used tampons or two mechanised WW1 diggers felating a large negro body builder some one will pay dearly by the living holy powers.

I'm having images of a titillated Walsh on opening day loitering in disguise listening in on peasant Hobartians grunts of horror at the power and glory of his 'shocking' and visionary art collection.

"Look Noel, there's a photo of some one eating a shit sandwich, tee hee".

"Have you seen the arse camera in the dunny Paula, this Walsh character is one sick benevolent genius".

Bring on the rich mans folly and we'll let you know how it stacks up against the ghost train at the Hobart Show.

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